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PETER / LACKE is a customer focused medium-sized corporate group with more than 100 years of experience in development and production of high quality coating systems across all sectors like Automotive, Electronics, Lifestyle and Glass. Our success is based on a direct and professional communication with the operator and a global network with locations and partners in many countries worldwide.

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Quality is our top priority. All of our businesses are certified according to ISO and IATF.

By quality we mean the sum of product and service features, which enable our customers to create their products and processes more efficient, trouble-free and cost-conscious. Therefore, we are pursuing a balanced quality of our standard products and develop innovative solutions for the edge in the market.

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  • Our training campaign on sustainable coating development. Click here to learn more:

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  • Our new lab in Germany, this is where new developments and innovations taking place. Move in August 2020:

  • Our market segment LIFESTYLE is divided into three divisions which are: Electronics Major Appliance, Small Appliance, Cosumer Electronics Home & Leisure Sport Articles, Light Switches, Furniture, Decoration, Others Cosmetics Caps and Plugs Click here to learn more