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PETER / LACKE is a customer focused medium-sized corporate group with more than 100 years of experience in development and production of high quality coating systems across all sectors like Automotive, Electronics, Lifestyle and Glass. Our success is based on a direct and professional communication with the operator and a global network with locations and partners in many countries worldwide.

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LIQUID CHROME ONE – our top 1 layer system

As a specialist for Chrome Replacement, we use the term “Liquid Chrome” coatings. PETER / LACKE offers individual solutions for the Automotive industry as well as Electronics, Lifestyle and Glass. Liquid Chrome coatings represent a good alternative for the creation of attractive surfaces without the use of chrome.

Among others, the typical product applications include handles, bezels, covers, levers, knobs, buttons, rims, mirror casings and other components for vehicle interiors and exteriors. High quality visual effects can also be realized with Liquid Chrome coatings  for the segments Electronics, Lifestyle and Glass. These include, for example, different industrial components, household equipment, entertainment electronics, cosmetics packaging and glass products. Liquid Chrome is available in an exceptional range of colors, from gray or silver to blue, red, green, gold, rosé, pink etc. and come in a variety of different gloss levels and effects.

An overview of our individual service offerings:

  • Systems consulting
  • Process optimization
  • Application technology
  • In-house testing / quality check
  • Design presentations
  • Master samples OEM
  • 1-3 layer availability
PETER / LACKE Design Mark Car

The advantages

Free from heavy metals

1 to 3 layer system

Chrome 6 replacement

Chrome Replacement

The system offers a cost-saving and environmentally-friendly opportunity for giving surfaces chrome visuals without environmentally harmful, expensive galvanizing.

This is confirmed by the many projects we have realized successfully with Liquid Chrome.