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PETER / LACKE is a customer focused medium-sized corporate group with more than 100 years of experience in development and production of high quality coating systems across all sectors like Automotive, Electronics, Lifestyle and Glass. Our success is based on a direct and professional communication with the operator and a global network with locations and partners in many countries worldwide.

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Resilient Fast curing Scratch resistant Resilient Fast curing Scratch resistant

The PETER / LACKE offering of UV-based coatings can be used in an exceptional variety of different areas and industries. Among other applications, UV-coatings are used for the priming of furniture components and in the automotive field, as well as for surfaces in general, such as plastic and glass. The hardening time only amounts to a few seconds, allowing the process sequences to be accelerated and configured more efficiently. Surfaces that are hardened with UV are also durable, as well as resistant to abrasion and scratching.

An overview of our individual service offerings:

  • Systems consulting
  • Process optimization
  • Application technology
  • In-house testing
  • Design presentations
PETER / LACKE Design Mark UV

The advantages


Hardening speed

Scratch resistance