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PETER / LACKE is a customer focused medium-sized corporate group with more than 100 years of experience in development and production of high quality coating systems across all sectors like Automotive, Electronics, Lifestyle and Glass. Our success is based on a direct and professional communication with the operator and a global network with locations and partners in many countries worldwide.

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Our values

Almost half of our staff is involved in research and development. This department is divided into fundamental research and customer-specific development. A powerful combination which enforces trust all over the world!

More than 113 years of interbranch experience form the basis for the success of our owner-managed corporate group.

Quality: We guarantee tested and consistent standards of quality worldwide, such as ISO 9001.

Closeness to customers: Due to our global position and application-based partnerships.

Innovation: In our “Research and Development” department, 50% of the staff work on both in-house and customer-specific tasks.

Reliability: A family business for more than 100 years.

PETER / LACKE Logo_250px


Our corporate value: Progress/Innovation! 50 % of our employees are technology experts. This enables us to use synergies of R&D of the industry in our own development laboratories.


Our corporate value: Quality! By the using consistant quality of raw materials and receipts, we guarantee a constant quality worldwide.


Our corporate value: Reliability! As a family business now managed by the 5th generation, we are the reliable partner for our customers and employees.


Our corporate value: Energy! We actively adopt to the challenges of the market and forge new paths.


Our corporate value: Responsive / Closeness to customers! Wholly owned subsidiaries build a strong network and are close to our customers and ensure a fast response.