Decorative and protective premium coating solutions



Decorative and protective
Premium coating solutions


from cars to airplanes

Based on the most innovative technologies, we develop decorative and protective premium coating solutions for the entire cabin interior system. Driven by design culture, we have made it our mission to create a modern and comfortable atmosphere for passengers and offer them an unforgettable travel experience. Our goal is to make every passenger feel like they are flying first class.

Safe coating solutions for high-end products are our daily business. We have been supplying coatings for the automotive industry for many generations. We are now bringing these many years of experience to the aircraft interior. We deliver diverse and individual design effects combined with protection requirements and outstanding application performance. Appealing to the senses through look, touch and feel is always taken into account by our designers and of course all our systems are tested according to the relevant safety regulations and specifications.

"TREND and DESIGN are crucial for us. In this case, it's about making the passenger feel safe and at home above the clouds."

our offer

Based on solvent, UV or waterborne coatings.

Study & further DEVELOPMENT

At PETER/LACKE, we promote and encourage training and study courses .We currently support a large number of employees who arestudying alongside their workin the interests of the company .We also offer an extensive range of further training courses and seminars.

Through the so-called "career ticket", we award projects at a global level and at various locations and offer our employees the opportunity to apply.