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Waterborne coatings

Waterborne coatings

PETER/LACKE offers a comprehensive range of waterborne coatings. Waterborne coatings are environmentally friendly in terms of emissions and are developed as an alternative to solventborne coatings because they can be formulated with very low amounts of organic solvents or even without any solvents at all. Nevertheless, they meet most of the technical requirements and properties of conventional solventborne formulations. The binders in waterborne coating systems are divided into water-soluble and water-thinnable systems. These categories form the basis for our waterborne coating systems in specific markets.

At PETER/LACKE, waterborne coatings are available as adhesion promoters, primers, fillers, top coats and effect coatings across all industries for automotive, electronics, lifestyle and glass. Our goal is to provide economical and ecological coating systems for these markets.

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  • Investment consulting
  • Process optimization
  • Application technology
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  • Design presentations

"Environmentally friendly due to reduced emissions and low VOC "

Study & further DEVELOPMENT

At PETER/LACKE, we promote and encourage training and study courses .We currently support a large number of employees who arestudying alongside their workin the interests of the company .We also offer an extensive range of further training courses and seminars.

Through the so-called "career ticket", we award projects at a global level and at various locations and offer our employees the opportunity to apply.